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The Caribe Association has their first ever Carnival event! We had tons of drinks, games and delicious food. Our DJ made sure to put on a tracklist for the evening. This event allowed everyone to get a taste of the Carnival we all know and love from back home. The night, then ended off in Stratum where we danced until we dropped! Everyone either said they had a great time or were too drunk and dancing to express their gratitude. 

Caribe Carnival 

Our association recently hosted our very first Caribbean party, and it was a night to remember! We transformed the club into a tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, flowers necklaces and colorful decorations.
Our DJ played a mix of Caribbean beats and reggaeton, getting everyone up and moving on the dance floor. This party was a great way to bring the Caribbean culture to the internationals and celebrate diversity. The party was a huge success and everyone had an amazing time. Everyone had a great time, and many people said that they would love to see more events like this in the future.

Caribbean Party 🥳

Our association's first game night event was an exciting and memorable one! We called it "Bingo and Booze" and it certainly lived up to its name. All attendees were welcomed with a special Caribbean shot to kick off the evening. Once everyone was settled in and ready to play, we introduced the game of bingo and explained the different patterns needed to win. The energy during each game was amazing. People were cheering and shouting as they marked off their numbers, hoping to be the first to shout "Bingo!" As each round ended, we gave away prizes to the lucky winners. In between rounds, attendees had the opportunity to socialize with other members, grab some delicious snacks, and enjoy a variety of cocktails from our bar. It was great to see so many people connecting and having a good time!

Bingo & Booze 🍻

We had a spook-tacular time collaborating with Cosmos and ISA for our Halloween event at the TU/e! To kick things off, we organized a thrilling scavenger hunt that took attendees on a journey around the campus. With clever clues that required some brainpower to decipher, it was a race against the clock to figure out each riddle and find the next clue.

The scavenger hunt was a huge success, and everyone had a blast running around the campus and solving the clues. We loved seeing everyone working together and having fun as they raced to be the first to complete the hunt.
Once the scavenger hunt was over, we kept the excitement going with several games at the stands of the different associations. Our Caribe stand was particularly popular, featuring a human body filled with all sorts of objects for attendees to dig through and find. The more objects you found, the more points you earned, which made for some intense and competitive digging! We loved collaborating with Cosmos and ISA and seeing so many attendees come together for a fun and festive evening.

Halloween Night 🎃

When asked “What do you miss most about the Caribbean?” people tend to say the beaches and the food. Well, we can’t do anything about the beaches but we can do something about the food! Our second event was called The Trúk’i Pan Feast. Caribe and Express Eindhoven collaborated in order to bring Trúk’i Pan to The Netherlands. We took orders from our members and prepared the Trúk’i Pan complete with the sauces we all love from the islands. You already know where there are West Indians, there is a good time. So at an event that was aimed mainly at food, we had Caribbean music playing on the speakers, games set up at different tables, and people who never met each other before forming bonds, altogether showing the true purpose of our association.

Trúk’i Pan Feast 🍴

The Caribbean pub quiz was our inaugural event for Caribe. Since it was our first ever event, we kept entry free and our only limitations were Covid regulations. The event kicked off by separating the attendees into groups each named after something associated with the island life. These teams then competed to see who knows the culture best in a series of questions pertaining to each of the Caribbean islands. While the pub quiz was the headline event, the night didn’t end there as we served the guests some homemade Johnny cakes and Krokets in order to energize them for a night of vibing and dancing to soca and dancehall. However, a Caribbean night is incomplete without drinks. Our commissioner of events and bartender for the night made piña coladas and an assortment of drinks for the attendees. To sum it up: good food, good drinks, good music, good vibes!

Caribbean Pub Quiz 🏖️

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